Editorial for Flair November 2012. I was the makeup artist on this shoot with the amazing Ms Catherine McNeil (who recently made a most welcome return to the world of fashion after her sabbatical, which makes me question can fashion people take a sabbatical? How is that even possible unless you are a Supermodel such as Cat!)  Photographer: Katja Rahlwes, Fashion Editor: Sissy Vian & hair: Alessandro Rebecchi. We shot this in a McMansion in the South of France owned by Oligarchs, deciding rather than shoot indoors we would stick to the outside of the property to catch the gorgeous blue sky & bright sun of the Mediterranean, or you can choose to read between the lines there & try to imagine the rather spesh interior decor. My beauty inspiration was a little tongue in chic(!) as I referenced Stephanie of Monaco in the 80’s & early 90’s. I wanted to emulate that expensive beautiful but spoilt Euro look that is all about luxurious inherited  jewels & personal style, travelling with monogrammed trunks & being invited to Summer on yachts. Basically people who use the Seasons as a verb eg: I Summer in St Tropez & we Winter in St Barts. Umm hmm. It worked well with our clothes & location & the overall makeup is chic & understated as everything else was quite bling. I wanted to enhance Cat’s natural beauty so I spent time on skin care, prepped it by using oils such as This Works face oil for a face massage, then did a super minimal base as foundation is never good in heat/humidity. Have you tried the new Armani Maestro foundation? It’s rather mega, I am a little in love with this product. I lightly  contoured cheekbones try Tom Ford Shade & illuminate, I always talk about it for a reason; it is simply brilliant. Lastly I did smudgy sexy feline eyes in shimmery taupes & a soft smudgy black pencil for an exaggerated sex kitten eye. Try MAC’s Satin Taupe & Smolder Eye Kohl. My top tip is use a slightly blunt pencil to draw an elongated line along the top lash line use a pointed q-tip to drag it up & out of the corners in to a little cat eye. Use q-tip or a finger to smudge. If the sun melted the makeup a little it only added to this languid sensual look. Curl lashes & add lots of mascara try MAC’s rather brilliant Haute Naughty black mascara for a single wand with double thickness and length affect. It is the double rainbow of mascara. Lips are natural with a gloss try this collagen one by Dior for that “I don’t have a trout pout these are my natural lips”  Please watch this video  get in the mood with me & appreciate Stephanie of Monaco. I wish our UK Princess’s had a little of her fabulosity, but at least our Prince Ginge of Las Vegas makes up for it.