I was asked by the folks at Mixte magazine specifically super talented & most beautiful  Art Director in Paris, maybe the world Ms Aude Delerue to do a makeup beauty story. I wanted to do a modern Punk Japanese mashup that was sexy & had luxe high fashion elements. So I came up with a little mood board referencing some real punks, Sarah Moon images & the 1982 film Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulous Staines (watch it if you haven’t seen it) I also looked at images of traditional Japanese Geisha tons of classic & obscure images. I think that the Punks & Geisha have a lot in common, ‘What?’ I hear you say, well they both obsessively take time to apply their makeup almost in a meditative state that is full of ritual & meaning. The makeup is used as a mask or protection like beautiful armour. Makeup concept was so simple I had a minimal palette of white, black, red with hints of fuschia & cherry blossom pink. I wanted to do a semi sheer white foundation base or in other images just really clean super modern skin using no makeup base just products that left a very high shine, red liquid liner, black liner stretched out like punky spider legs, Guy Bourdain-esque red glossy lips, a matte black eye using black paint and half of it  turning in to a black gloss eye. The makeup was done fast & spontaneously in true punk spirit. All makeup that I used was by Makeup Forever . The talented team that worked on this project: Photographer: Mr David Dunan, Stylist: Mr Sebastian Kaufmann, Hair Mr Halle Brisker & nails by Ms Michelle Class who created a beautiful cherry blossom nail that she painted on the day freehand nearly killing us all with the acrylic paint fumes, burnt nostrils all around. The models is Ms Josefien Rodermans. The title Wild Zero comes from a bonkers Japanese punk rockers killing zombies film that I saw & loved, great soundtrack. Watch the trailer here. The last bottom 6 images are a random selection from my mood board.