This Summer I am re-reading the F Scott Fitzgerald classic The Great Gatsby.  I love the 1974 film almost as much as I love the book and I am even interested in the new Baz Luhrmann remake coming out later this year or early next year. See the trailer for it here  I feel all things 1920’s at the moment, can’t really explain why but it is a decade that I have always been super fascinated by  from the politics, fashion, art, music, the magnificent architecture, America at that time (prohibition and the rise of the mob world and the gangsters moll who is basically the original femme fatale) & also the shift in behaviour and attitude of women. I wanted to share with you some 20’s screen stars as by now you know that is my thing! So here are the gals I would have liked to go dancing with but Come On Get Your Charleston On (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Missy’s Get Your Freak On) Please look at the divine Alice White, Anita Page, Barbara Kent, Bessie Love, Clara Bow, Bebe Daniels, Gloria Swanson, Lilyan Tashman, Pina Menichelli and Pola Negri. They are all known and lesser know screen sirens that started off in silent film. Their beauty, expression and acting conveyed the stories and words were unnecessary. I feel that this A/W12 we are going to see so much leather, lace and fur everywhere as the perfect counterpart try a 20’s heavy made up eyes with a Tom Ford brow pencil drawn in a natural round and slightly  elongated shape, a dark cream Bobbi Brown eyeshadow and a smudgy black Laura Mercier kohl eye pencil with perhaps a dark lip by sketching a heart shape or cupids bow shape with a dark and mysterious  lip pencil by MAC and then a touch of lip balm for moisture try  Creme de la mer matte lip balm. I thank that is a modern take on this iconic look the key is to keep it modern with products that use new technology to keep skin fresh and use a light hand to apply the makeup think water colours rather than oil paints. I would also love to suggest this guide if you want to recreate the look and then perhaps deconstruct it and make it new and your own. Many of the collections and the advertising campaigns nodded to the roaring 20’s and I I suppose with the Bauhaus exhibition that was on earlier this year at The Barbican there we have it: it’s the  zeitgesit staring us right in the face. Like the models at the Louis Vuitton show lets jump aboard that 1920’s train and sort of do a Midnight In Paris, fasten your seat belt because this season is most definitely going to be a bumpy ride. 

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