Rita Hayworth Gave Good Face (And Hair)

I can do almost anything with a makeup brush & almost nothing with a hair brush. I do however love knowing about hair, treatments products & trends. I love to watch the incredible hairstylists at work when I am on set work their sculptural magic. I recently went for a hair consultation at  Philip Kinglsey Mayfair Salon. I sat through a full analysis of my hair & scalp by a charming trichologist who decided that my hair is good but needs regular deep conditioning moisture treatment, so I was sent upstairs to have a hair mask & scalp massage. Bliss. I bought shampoo & conditioner after the rather expensive consultancy & treatment. However any treatment from now on is at a reduced fee as I have had the initial consultation. I really liked the products & genuinely feel that my hair looks good with minimal effort & I am all about minimal effort with max effect for myself. Will try my hardest after the Summer for the new season to look a bit more pulled together hair wise & channel a bit of the effervescent Ms Rita Hayworth. If I do want to make an effort I buy Kiehls creme silk groom for a sleek smooth look. I use a tangle teaser when my hair is wet to get rid of knots & I use a mason & pearson brush that I have had forever when my hair is dry. I buy Bumble & Bumble  Surf Spray again & again, which sprayed in to damp hair gives a sexy day at the beach hair with a cool grungy matte texture which makes me feel like Gisele Bundchen but in reality appear to have hair like  the fellas in  this seminal 90’s music video