Here are the Palladium campaign images that I worked on. Palladium is a new fine jewellery metal that is similar to platinum. The collection is designed by the brilliant Lara Bohinc and is available on line or is exclusive to Harrods. John Akehurst shot the collection, the stylist was gorgeous Carmen Borgonovo and lovely Samantha Hillerby worked on the hair. Last of the team but most certainly not least, the model is the delightful Ms Lydia Hearst. I wanted to keep the beauty luxe, cool and very beautiful like both Lydia and the jewellery. I referenced Grace Kelly when I designed the makeup and I used nude and peach tones for the skin, blush and lips but with smokey grey on the eyes for a timeless classic look. This was a fun day and lovely to shoot fine jewellery, my kind of heavy metal.