These photographs are of the gorgeous model & actress Rosie Huntinton-Whiteley & were shot by David Dunan in his house on film & it was just the 3 of us. This made for a super intimate, creative experience. Also it was fast because it was on film and that ¬†adds an exciting element of suprise as you don’t know if what you have is good until the contact sheets come back unlike digital which is instant gratification. We did the whole shoot in 2 hours, the driver waited outside for Rosie. I have know Rosie since her first modelling shoot & my first makeup shoot was at the same time and we became pals. She is such a sweet kind generous young woman not to mention breathtakingly beautiful. We created photographs that were free & brave, a bit like Rosie herself. The inspiration that I came up with for this beauty shoot were the Bert Stern images of Marilyn Monroe in what has become famously know as The Last Sitting (as seen above). To make it modern & fresh I decided that the makeup would only have a single black element in each shot. I played with graphic shape & different texture (matte/gloss). We had a lot of fun & I am proud of having worked on these images.¬†

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