Practise Safe Sun.

Most of us saw that thing recently on the tanning mom which was sad & funny at the same time a bit like a real life Magda. Tanning seems to be the hot topic with H&M apologising for their swimwear campaign. So seeing that the sun is finally & stubbornly coming out, like a harassed & hounded boy band member, It makes total sense to think about skin care products & makeup that contain SPF. Every educated and literate person in the world knows that too much sun is bad for us & going out in the sun without protecting ourselves can contribute to skin cancer at worst & also make us look prematurely old & haggard. Yup, as a professional speaking I like to use the word  haggard, I talk to you the same way that I talk to my pals. So if you want to try and avoid those sun induced hag lines the products that I buy all the time for sunny trips away are: Institut Esthederm  made for all types of skin for face, body & use in different continents where sun strength varies. I also love a stick protector like this Clinique  or Kiehls one for days out as they are a no brainer to use: pop them in your bag & use without even looking. Try to test different foundation compacts with SPF such as Shiseido, Tom Ford & also MAC look for compact powders like Chanel  & bronzers that contain SPF I like Guerlain’s new mist or Dior. Also you don’t want to burn your lips so look for lipsticks/tints or glosses such as Laura Mercier, Lancome or Nars. Most people feel good after sensible time spent in the sun & most people look healthy & happy with a light tan just try to practise safe sun.