In my opinion David Lynch has the best taste in women. As seen above: Isabella Rossellini, Sherilyn Fenn, Madchen Amick, Lara Flynn Boyle & Laura Harring  His aesthetic has most definitely shaped my aesthetic: beautiful, glamourous, exotic & a little on the dark side not to mention my love of his nostalgic Americana. Strong women with strong makeup. I remember when Twin Peaks was on tv & I was really little, too young to watch it but snuck in & couldn’t tear myself away from the screen. Now I have the entire box set and am still scared by Bob. Twin Peaks was a gateway for me to all of Lynch’s work and now I am a fan of his music. The top 2 images are a shoot that I did the makeup for V magazine with photographer David Dunan shot in the amazing showrooms of House of Hackney & styled by Raquel Garcia. As you can see the model is the beautiful model & actress Liberty Ross. My beauty inspiration for the makeup was lifted straight out of Lynch land & is my tribute to his women. I wanted to keep Liberty looking like a modern cinematic femme fatale. I am sure you will want to know what is on the lips: I used MAC Cosmetics  Russian Red lipstick & Cherry Lip Pencil. I lined the lips first, filled them in with the lipstick using a brush & then (here is a good tip) I covered my index finger with the lipstick & asked Liberty to make what I call ‘kissy face’ which is basically an exaggerated pout & I pushed my lipstick covered fingertip in to the centre of the lip for added intensity. Liberty is one of the most beautiful people (inside & out) that I have ever worked with. There are rumours that Mr Lynch has retired from film, but I say he should cast Liberty as his next leading lady.

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