time to get wet


I received a lovely  package today in the mail from Dior and it contained Croisette their new Spring Summer 2012 Makeup Collection. I opened it as fast as I imagine Augustus Gloop unwrapping a giant chocolate Easter Egg. Inside are colours that remind me of screen icon and legendary beauty Romy Schneider in my all time favourite film La Piscine. A sexy slick psychological thriller set around a swimming pool shot in 1969. You may ask why? Well, the bronzer has that perfect “Yes, Darling, I’ve been in the South of France all Summer” look to it, the lipstick is the perfect “please bring me another champagne” shade called Casual Gold (of course it is!) and the stunning eyeshadow compact is  a burst of shimmery aquatic shades and what it’s called? You guessed it: Swimming Pool. Time for a bit of pool side glamour this Summer and whilst doing laps see if you can spot your very own Alain Delon (back in the day, obvs)

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