I am obsessed with oil. I start a makeup with an oil massage facial. I do this for several reasons. First & foremost it relaxes the model/client and is a nice way to start. Second it is the first time that I get to touch the face, feel the bone structure of the person I am working with & third by massaging the skin using a combo of lymphatic drainage with aromatherapy techniques I make the skin look as good as it can look. I don’t always use it on shoots as part of the make up but sometimes I do as seen here in a shoot I did for Dansk magazine on the gorgeous model Sigrid Agren shot by photographer  Aitken Jolly. The oil on both the face & the body added a sexy, cool  natural feeling that no other product could provide. I applied the oil using my fingers & a synthetic brush from an art shop. Here are direct links to my favourite all time oils: M.A.C, Laura Mercier, Darphin , Decleor, Nuxe and Bio Oil  and these product are in my kit. Recently I did a night shoot in Paris and needed a oil to make the skin pop in the flash from the camera and a bring a bit of something extra spesh that looks great in black & white and colour shots, I had no oil in my mini kit so I used extra virgin olive oil that I found in the location kitchen.  Just shows use what you can when you can!