The thought process, research and collaboration is something that I love when prepping a shoot. It is planned and worked on in advance and then discussed the morning of the shoot with the entire team. Here is one of my favourite shoots (bottom 2 images) that I did for Numero shot by brilliant photographer duo Luciana Val and Franco Musso  and with model Myf Shepherd I was given an image of Amelia Earhart (top left), the female aviator, as an original reference for the shoot to be based on. I knew who she was but the beauty of my job is being able to study and self improve and so I found out a lot about this brave fascinating woman. For the beauty references I chose to look at images by the artist Tamara de Lempicka as she painted beautiful glamorous women, during the same time that Ms Earhart lived and loved. I did a classic golden age Hollywood makeup with a full on gold eye and a red lip  and as you can see I bleached the brow for a modern twist on a deco look. 

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